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Grottaglie the “city of many caves and ceramics” stands on a hill a few kilometers from Taranto Its territory is affected by the presence of ravines, spectacular canyons along which, since prehistoric times, numerous cave shelters have been dug. Worthy of note, the Episcopio Castle with the annexed museum and the characteristic Pottery Quarter with […]

Martina Franca, art and culture


To characterize the historic center are the white houses that develop vertically on winding streets. There are many palaces to admire, from the sumptuous Baroque of Palazzo Ducale, Palazzo Martucci, Palazzo dell’Universita, Palazzo Motolese, Palazzo Ancona, Palazzo Maggi. The precious and imposing Basilica of San Martino, an art masterpiece of late Baroque architecture, is set […]

What to visit in Taranto


Taranto is the second largest city in Puglia by population and the first in the Salento area. Rich in history and culture, its roots lie in strategic geography since the time of Magna Grecia, a feature that makes it still a very important port in Europe. The city of Taranto is called the Land of […]

Matera: the city of the Sassi


Matera the City of Sassi UNESCO World Heritage Matera is one of the oldest cities in the world whose territory holds evidence of human settlements starting from the Palaeolithic period and without interruption to the present day. It represents an extraordinary page written by man through the millennia of this long history. Matera is the […]